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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School and Nursery 3-11

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Our Faith

Our Faith


St Teresa's Catholic Primary School is a Christ-centred, loving and nurturing learning-community. Uniting home, school and Parish, we strive to support, guide and develop the uniqueness of every individual's God-given gifts and talents. 

Living out our faith

Our Parish

We enjoy a strong links with our parish churches of St Teresa and St John Southworth. Our Key Stage 2 classes attend parish mass every half term where they are welcomed by our parish priest, Chris Cousins.  Our families are always welcome to celebrate Mass which takes place at St Teresa's at 6.30pm on Saturday or 10am on Sunday. Plus there is Mass at St John Southworth at 5pm on Sunday.

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RE Inspection - Section 48 2018

" St Teresa pray for us.

Help us to be what Jesus

wants us to be and to do

what he wants us to do.

Lord Jesus, we love you."


Human Relationships and Sex Education Policy



It is the responsibility of every Catholic school to provide for all its members a vital experience of liturgy, worship and prayer which:


  • names and celebrates God present and active in authentic human experience
  • is educative
  • is within our Catholic tradition


The purpose of these experiences is:


  • to raise our mind and heart to God
  • to develop the school as a community of faith
  • to assist learners in developing their relationship with God, creation and the community of the Church
  • to witness to the community and the wider world


Collective Worship in our school will be:


  • properly planned
  • adequately
  • resourced
  • recorded
  • monitored
  • evaluated


in order to ensure that the Collective Worship experienced within the school is a relevant, meaningful and positive contribution to the religious, spiritual and moral development of all members of the community.