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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

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Year 4 2013 to 2014 - Archived

Welcome to Year 4!


World Book Day

Year 4 explored Roald Dahl's 'Fantastic Mr Fox'.  We enjoyed dressing up as characters from the story and we performed some of our own play scripts, during a class presentation to parents.


Rainforest Topic;

As part of our 'Rainforest' topic, the children in Year 4 were set the challenge of creating their own model 'Rainforest'.  Well done to everyone for all your creative ideas!


Fit2Go Trip;

We had a fun trip to Blackpool Football Club, taking part in a range of sporting activities.  It was a great opportunity to play some small sided games on a professional football pitch!


Coming soon...


*  Year 4 class trip to the Blackpool Tower.


*  Year 4 class trip to St Mary's High School for a 'mini-Olympics' competition.


*  World Cup Week


*  Interfaith Week

Interfaith Week!


Year 4 have been learning all about different religions this week as part of a whole school Interfaith topic. The children have been thinking in particular about a very difficult question ... Who is God? During a lovely circle time session, we shared lots of opinions and ideas about how we all think of God differently. Heather was so inspired she went home and put pen to paper, producing this fantastic story. Well done to you! 


One sunny, beautiful afternoon I was running down some big, long steps. Then I saw a big, shining star. It was gleaming so bright. I wanted to go up to it but I was scared, then it just disappeared into thin air. I wanted to see it again and I started to realise what it was ... God! I prayed the other night to see him. If I didn't see him I would not believe in him, but he showed up and I will always believe in him. 


The next day God came to see me again. This time he talked to me, but quickly! All he said was "You should always treat people as you want to be treated and you will find life easy. Everyone wants to be treated well, don't ever be mean." 


From then I never saw him again.