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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

from smallest to greatest

Year 3 - Silver Birch

Summer 2 Newsletter

Year 3 went to East Pine Park to do some investigating. They were to give ideas to improve park equipment, testing what material had the most friction on the slide, taking pictures of interesting things at the park and labelling where forces work on a piece of playground equipment. Melissa said she really enjoyed improving the playground equipment. Even though the rain and hail stone occurred everyone still had fun. 

Back in Time Week

Summer 1 Newsletter

On the final day of term, the children visited Liverpool's World Museum. Year three enjoyed dressing up as various Gods and Goddesses understanding the relationships between them and what their powers enabled them to do.

In a second workshop, the children learned about the nature of Ancient Greece and how the various animals inspired myths and legends such as Theseus and the Minotaur.

For the rest of the day, the children had the opportunity to explore other exhibitions on display at the museum. These included a natural world display where the children looked at rocks, fossils and animals. They enjoyed the new colour exhibition where they explored the effects of colour, how colour can affect advertising and moods and how to camouflage themselves using colour.


The children were incredibly enthusiastic and asked wonderful questions throughout the day - a great credit to the school.

Enjoying the Easter Eggstravaganza!

Easter Gardens

Trip to Blackpool Sixth Form

Year three visited Blackpool Sixth Form College where Mr Peter Wright and a selection of his A level Ancient History students helped the children learn about the Trojan war. Through role play and interviewing, the pupils learnt about the characters involved in the war and understand what their intentions were. Max G reported that 'I really enjoyed going around the class and meeting all the different  soldiers and heroines.' 'It was really interesting meeting Achilles and finding out that Hector killed his best friend.' said Abbey.

As part of our Year of Mercy focus on 'Sheltering the Homeless', year three welcomed Lee. He led a workshop explaining the important work that Streetlife do to help young people who are homeless in Blackpool. The children completed group activities and discussions to help them understand what type of people are affected by homelessness, what they have to endure and do without and finally how Streetlife help these people by providing food parcels, shelter and support to find a job or training. 

Streetlife Workshop

Fundraising for Streetlife with competitions and games created by the children

Exploring tenths of a whole one using a number bead

Improving hand-eye co-ordination and tennis skills with a coach from AFC Fylde

Creating a Minotaur's head using papier-mâché

Silver Birch Spring 1 Curriculum Newsletter

Locating where Greece and its major landmarks are using an atlas

Representing x2, x4 and x8 multiplication facts using Numicon

Silver Birch Newsletter Autumn 2

Football Coaching

Year three had the pleasure of improving their movement, passing and control skills with an FA trained coach. 

The children busy writing about naughty elves

Baking flapjacks

The children had great fun making flapjacks as a group. They went into write instructions about how to make them including a variety of imperative verbs, adverbs and time connectives. 


Armistice Day 2015

All the children made a poppy which was placed on our school pillar to commemorate the fallen of various wars. The idea was taken from the display of poppies created at St George's Hall in Liverpool. 


Cinema trip to see Shaun the Sheep at the Vue cinema

We had great fun tasting and evaluating various breads and fruits. The children had to rate them and use a variety of adjectives to describe them. 

Trip to Morrison's Supermarket

To begin our Scrumdiddlyumptious topic, we went to Morrison's supermarket to learn about where various fruits come from and how much they cost. Thank you to the staff at Morrison's for welcoming us and allowing us to take over the fruit and vegetable section. 

Trip to Rossall Beach

Viscous Lava

In science, we investigated how far cold and hot lava (treacle) travels down the side of a 'volcano' in a set time. A very fun and sticky task! 

Creating Volcanoes

Class Liturgy with Fr Chris

Throwing and catching in netball

Learning how to blog

The children placed a variety of rocks into a plastic bottle and took turns to shake it vigorously. They then found out which rock was the weakest (chalk) and the strongest (granite). 

Balancing on apparatus during gymnastics

Investigating and representing numbers using apparatus

Mrs Bradley answering questions about pilgrimages to Walsingham