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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

from smallest to greatest

Summer 1

Self Portraits

As part of our work on recycling we used old bits and pieces to create images of ourselves. We made frames to put our pictures in using card and screwed up paper. We then sprayed them gold. 

Do you recognise us?

Half a Picnic

We have been learning about half of an object and half of a number.

We had "half a picnic" on Friday when we chose a friend to share our food with. We cut our plate in half and then cut bananas and pancakes into halves to share with our friend. We then halved a number of sweets with our friend by sharing them between us.

Veggie Assemble

We have been talking about recycling and about how we can turn left over vegetables into soup.


We had a go at making soup – we peeled and chopped different vegetables, added vegetable stock and cooked them slowly. We then blended the soup and tasted it. Some of us thought it was delicious, others weren’t too sure.

Wednesday 3rd May

The Evil Peas had been caught in some green, poisonous jelly. We had to use pipe cleaners, tweezers or straws to free them. Once we had rescued them all, we ate the jelly!

Tuesday 2nd May

We made our own Supertatoes and sprinkled them with kindness, helpfulness, thoughtfulness and love. They have been helping us to keep our Golden Rules.

Friday 28th April 

We have been reading all about Supertatoes and his adventures with the Evil Pea.

We had a great day on Friday, dressing up as superheroes and raising money for Trinity House in memory of Charlie.

How many superheroes can you recognise?