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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

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Summer 1

I am Warrior

Oh a short half term, but a busy one! We have been continuing our topic of 'I am Warrior', the Romans, where we have looked at what life was like for a Roman in Britain. The children did some wonderful research on Hadrian's Wall for their homework! We have also explored Gladiators this half term which has been very exciting! It was very scary for people during this time period. The children looked at a variety of commentaries for lots of different sports and then wrote their own based on a gladiator fight! I was blown away with how amazing these were!


Also during this half term we began our new science topic which was 'Sound'. Our first lesson was it total silence as we had to listen for what sounds we could hear in different parts of the school. This was extremely difficult for Silver Birch, however they all did an awesome job. We discovered that sound travels through vibrations and we had great fun learning about this using tuning forks and a bowl of water!


Silver Birch were lucky enough to take a trip to Blackpool Football Club with Mrs Garrett where they took part in the Fit2Go Festival. The children really enjoyed this and were given 'gulp' water bottles to take part in the #gulpchallenge ! This is encouraging children to go 'pop free' for 21 days! I hope they can do it!