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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

from smallest to greatest

Spring 2

Blue Abyss/I am Warrior


 Wow! What a busy half term! 

We began with Book Week, where we looked at more depth into Hans Christian Anderson. We focused on The Ugly Duckling and made some fantastic bird feeders during our parent workshop. Thank you again for attending, the children love showing you what they can do!


Following this we then prepared for our Lenten liturgy which was based on our talents and how we should be so proud of ourselves, not just in Lent but throughout the whole year! The children in Silver Birch showed us all what they could do singing, dancing, acting and even more! 


We then started our new topic which was 'I am Warrior'- The Romans! This has been great fun! The children adopted the role of either a Celtic Warrior or part of the Roman Army and have written some mind-blowing soliloquies which have honestly been some of the best pieces of writing to date! Within the topic we have studied Boudicca and a we have been reading a book which has taken us right back to 61AD when Boudicca's army decided to revolt!


We have also taken a trip to St Mary's for a multi skills session in which the children played basketball and Showed great sportsmanship when playing against another school!