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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

from smallest to greatest

Spring 2

Reflecting on the growth of our reading and writing

Preparing for Easter- counting down through the journey of Jesus' life

Greek Army formations

Greek Army formations

Still image for this video

Starting to learn 'Do you want to build a snowman?' in music

Lent Liturgy

Year 2 creative writing

Reading music and annotating what the notes are

What is a fraction?

Year 3 equivalent fractions

Naming fractions

Fraction Wall

Fractions to make a whole

Halving of multiples of 10

Year 2 fractions of an amount

Comparing fractions using the < > and = signs

Fractions in capacity

Folding shapes to find a half

Practical halving

Colouring fractions of a shape

Equivalent to a half (Y2)

Relating fractions of a number with division facts

Elm Great British Tidy Up

Eggstravaganza Bonnet Parade

Easter bonnet winners

Song singing at the Eggstravaganza

Reading the temperature of the water

Properties of 2D shapes

Odd and even numbers