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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

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Spring 1

Blue Abyss


Oh what another incredible half term in year 4! This half term we have been studying the Blue Abyss where the children have been looking at the seas and oceans around the world! The children have spent time looking at the different layers of the oceans and the variety of sea creatures that live within each one.

We have taken a trip to Blackpool Sea Life Centre which was amazing. The children were able to touch starfish and crabs, we learnt lots of interesting facts from our guide and it was great to bring the topic to life for the children. 

We have become obsessed with David Attenborough this half term and his documentaries. The Blue Planet has been great viewing and his more recent series Planet Earth 2 has been fascinating and the children have been inspired with his work. In particular the children have really enjoyed the ‘Grasslands’ episode and they have found the food chain information extremely valuable. It really brought it all to life for them and was very special to watch. The children wrote some brilliant letters to David Attenborough! 

More recently the children have explored the Great Barrier Reef and the effects of tourism on this magnificent wonder of the world. The children wrote some extremely passionate letters to the Prime Minister of Australia persuading her to protect the reef and it was great to see the children become so engrossed in this topic.


This half term the children have begun to lead their own worships. This has been really important and valuable for the children in giving God their undivided attention. The children have been very enthusiastic.


After half term we will be continuing the Blue Abyss for a short while before we start I am Warrior - the Romans.

Have a look at the photos below from Spring 1.