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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

from smallest to greatest

Spring 1

This half term we are focusing on "Beyond the Me!", learning about Space and Dinosaurs. We will be developing our geographical and historical language.


The children were so keen on Space exploration that this has taken up all of our half term. 

Our first Safari Campfire

We came back to school at 5 o'clock with our families and our torches for a night time Safari! What did you see? Kenyan songs around the campfire with a hot chocolate finished the evening off beautifully!

Creativity throughout our learning

The children have loved working collaboratively to make 3d models of animals and to create a class information book. We researched facts about leopards, giraffes, elephants and lions. We were very surprised to find out that a leopard could leap 6m; we had a try but we may need a little more practice to achieve this skill! We created maps of our Safari journey, and used a special technique to age them.

Dancing with Jen

As part of our theme week we joined with Nursery to move like animals. Then we had a sequence of movements to put together, and remember

Celebrating Chinese New Year with a banquet, dancing and decorations

Bird feeder workshop

The weekend of 25th & 26th January it's Big Garden Bird Watch so we will become bird spotters over the next few weeks. Your child has a bird spotting sheet to help identify the different birds we see. Thanks to all who came along to our bird feeder workshop, I'm sure the birds will be very grateful over the next few weeks.

Going for goals!

We have been talking about what we need to do when something is difficult. We discovered that if we try we can become better at doing lots of things. Mrs Brown thought drawing our hyacinth bulbs was very tricky, but the results were amazing.

Visiting St Teresa's Church

We loved sharing our experiences of when we have visited Church with our families.

How much fun did we have with the Plasticine?

Did you watch "The Tiger Who Came to Tea?" over the Christmas break. It's one of our books to read and share in our Reception year. 

An updated list will be added soon.