A warm welcome to St Teresa's

St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

from smallest to greatest

Spring 1

Gods and Mortals


From nothingness came chaos. From chaos came air and water. From air and water came life! Then, rising majestically from the darkness, came Gaia, Mother Earth, a beacon of warmth and light.

Discover a fantastical world full of mythical creatures and legendary heroes. Poseidon, Apollo, Artemis and Zeus reign almighty from Mount Olympus, watching mere mortals on dusty Athenian streets.

Meet  Theseus, the hero, and Helen of Troy, the beautiful face that launched a thousand ships.

Then decide your own fate, when a mysterious box is found and stirs your curious mind.

Horrible Histories: The Groovy Greeks

Geography and Early Greece

The Greek Gods

We're going on a shape hunt

Pupil led worship

Reflecting on our Golden Rules

Making 3D shapes

Making 3D shapes 1

3D shapes display

Searching for right angles

Light sources or not light sources

Are you a super taster?

Moving in different ways

Schools Alive 2017

Recorder fun!


Victorian 1


Futureistic 1


Elizabethan  1

Stone Age

Stone Age  1


Egyptians 1

Norman: Battle of Hastings

Norman: Battle of Hastings 1

Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greeks 1

World Wars

World Wars 1

Reflecting on being honest

Reflecting on being honest 1
Reflecting on being honest 2

Recorder hand positions

Making Daedalus and Icarus' wings

Thinking about forgiveness

Prayer and reflection

Topic display

We reviewed how much progress we have made since September with our writing

Multiplication display

Multiplication display 1