Welcome back to school and the start of the Summer Term - Bags2School collection 9am Friday 30th April!

St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

from smallest to greatest

Out-of-school Sporting Successes

Evie achieves her 400m swimming award!

Emma's Orange belt in Shotakan karate

Declan is awarded orange belt in Shotakan Karate

Aaron wins 'Star player' at football. Well done!

Ollie is awarded his Level 3 swimming! Well done Ollie!

Ollie singing and dancing the TramShed Christmas show

Isabelle's success at Red Rose Lancashire Gymnastics Championships

Evie's Swimming success

Matthew was awarded the 'Man of the Match' trophy after his first week of training sessions with BJFF.

Isabelle's gymnastics success


Luke has done amazingly well and qualified to compete at the World Street Dance Championships in Glasgow this August. It is extremely difficult to qualify, but Luke came 3rd in the West Midlands heat earning him the right to compete in the Worlds. The event is held over 4 days with competitors from all over the world including USA, South Africa, China & Australia to name a few. Well done Luke!

Hannah took part in the micro-league swimming gala

Hannah, Ben and Toby regularly take part and are successful in triathlons

Toby, Hannah and Ben do the Santa Dash

Summer passes her swimming badge

Isabelle was the silver medal winner in both vault and bars at Lancashire Red Rose Gymnastics competition 22.1.2015

Melissa passed her 800m swimming award! 13.11.2015