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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

from smallest to greatest

In School

Welcome to Fuchsia Bubble! We've spent lots of time learning about the new 'Rainbow Rules' that we need to follow in school. We created our own Rainbows to remind us of the rules. We are doing really well as we are earning lots of Bubble Points!

Fuchsia Bubble have taken great pride in their rainbow inspired artwork for the whole school competition. Aren't they all just wonderful!

We have done lots of talking and thinking about our beautiful world that God created for us. We have thought about how as our world has changed and developed in technology but how this is having a negative impact on our world.

Fuchsia Bubble followed a step-by-step tutorial to draw their own Fuchsia Flowers! Aren't they wonderful!

During our Bubble Worships, we have been thinking about how we are all different but all very special. We have also thought about how lots of things are very different at the moment; we wrote our hopes for the future. What would your hope be?

We are reading the book, 'The Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo. We are really enjoying the story and have loved finding out about the very rare, White Lion!