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Welcome to Tangerine Bubble and our Terrific, Tigger Team!

Weekly Bubble Newsletters

Some of the members of Tangerine Bubble

W.B. 6th July

Sports Day 2020 Tangerine Bubble Results





Winner Y2


Winner Y3






Winner Y2


Winner Y3



Egg and Spoon



Winner 1


Winner 2


Winner 3 Suranne
Winner 4 Poppie



Speed Jumps







Suranne 48
Charles 50
Archie 55
Brodie 74
Elliott 56
Paige 51
Evie 65
Annie 64
Theo 109
Poppie 50





Winner 1

Winner 2 Evie
Winner 3 Archie
Winner 4 Suranne

Planning our Science investigation

Investigating fruits on the plants in or near the school grounds

Random Acts of Kindness

Acrostic poems with our spelling words

Position and direction using Compass Points

Planning alternative stories to Little Red Riding Hood

X spellings

Skipping our way through July

Identifying someone as a Sikh

Gurudwada (Sikhism) and Churches (Christian)

Researching charities and what a person would have to be like to volunteer or work for them

W.B. 29th June

Challenge Week 1 Bubble Winners

How to draw minibeasts

Sending cards to the local care home- 'Adopt a Grandfriend’ Initiative

Clock making- telling time to the nearest 5 minutes

"God's good Earth?" Artwork

What is God like?

Our different roles

Rainbow Art Challenge 1

Preparing the rainbow challenge


Still image for this video

Tangerine Message

Still image for this video

W.B. 22nd June

Learning to draw Disney characters

Tangerine Message

Still image for this video

"God's good creation?" Artwork drafts and ideas

Cruella description

Games outside

Spelling activities

Walt Disney Fact Files

Croatian flag

Croatian Fact File

Mindfulness colouring

Acute, right and obtuse angles

Measuring lines to the nearest cm and comparing their lengths

Designing a sock puppet dalmatian

Finding right angles in 2D shapes

Messages of hope and gratitude

Questions for Cruella De Vil

Our Worry Monsters and characters

W.B. 15th June

Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens, Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, Brown paper packages tied up with strings... These are a few of my favorite things....

Sorting 2D shapes in a Carroll Diagran

What makes you excited?


Our resident seagull's egg hatched

Adding fractions

Making 3D shapes from salt dough. Can you name the shapes we have made?

Making model 3D shapes from their nets

Naming and drawing 2D shapes

Social distanced games outside

Comparing fractions

Jesus is the bread of life dance and sign language

Bread of Life

MFL- Colours in French

Badges to show that we are following Jesus and to give to others to spread the Good News

Father's Day crafts. Dad you are special to me because...

Our classroom W/E 19th June

W.B. 8th June 2020

Keeping ourselves and other people safe

Red and yellow, and pink and green, orange and purple, and blue... I can paint a rainbow... paint a rainbow for you!

What makes me happy?

Laughing Yoga

Laugh with Me - Laughter Yoga Session

Quick laughter session to get you feeling amazing and improving your health at any time of the day or night

Protecting God's creation

Finding fractions of shapes

Fraction Artwork

Worship Theme “Father, Son and Holy Spirit” Matthew 28 :16-20

Our Tangerine Bubble W.E. 12th June