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COVID-19 - coronavirus

Confirmed Case of COVID-19 in a bubble - information for parents

Testing Information for Families

As we return to school, adjust to the next phase of reducing restrictions in the community and develop new routines can I ask that you continue to support our school family with

  • Parents wearing face masks when on school site

  • 1 parent attending the school site to collect /drop off their child

  • Maintaining social distancing whilst on site and leaving the site as promptly as possible

  • Maintaining a 2m distance from the entrance to school

  • Keeping your child at home and arranging for a test if your child has any of the 3 COVID symptoms

  • Keeping your child at home until a negative test is confirmed if anyone in your household (or Bubble) has symptoms

  • Keeping your child at home if your child is unwell with mild symptoms (headaches, aches/pains, feeling unusually tired, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing or upset stomach) and arranging for a test.


I understand that some of you may be anxious about the full reopening of school. Please be assured that we are continually making adjustments in school to ensure a safe working environment and we are doing everything we can to mitigate any risks in school, doing our very best to keep your children safe. We look forward to welcoming you back on March 8th If you have any queries, please do not hesitate in contacting us. We appreciate your continued support in these challenging times.


       Best wishes,

       Lynsey Ankers




Remote Learning Information

St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School - Remote Learning Statement

From the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, at St Teresa’s we have been working hard to support our children, families and staff through these unprecedented times - whilst acknowledging that individuals will be living through their own very different experiences.  


To navigate the uncertainty generated by the challenges of the pandemic and to ensure that learning is continued, irrespective of lockdown or self-isolation, we have developed a Blended Learning Plan to address the needs of our community.


Our aim at St Teresa’s is to mitigate the effect of any extended school closure on children’s learning and support parents to navigate the challenges of home education. We also strive to support teachers to share resources and collaborate remotely, helping to reduce individual workload and pressure.


We have developed remote and blended learning opportunities acknowledging that some households have limited access to devices and a range of home working commitments that impact upon the support that can be offered during a typical school day; providing challenges for learning and support. We offer a mixture of, pre-recorded lessons by the teachers at St Teresa’s and Oak Academy, voice over Powerpoints and differentiated lessons that can be accessed through Google Classroom.


We have been working hard to ensure that families are not struggling with technology both in terms of devices, data and connectivity.


In order to deliver a coherent range of curricular experiences, our staff are committed to giving pupils access to learning activities which will, as far as possible, meet their needs and build upon prior learning.


We will provide training and time for staff to develop their practice in this area and to develop systems that are both manageable and successful.


St Teresa’s Blended Learning Plan will be applied in the following instances:

  1. A pupil or a household member needs to isolate because someone in their household is symptomatic or tests positive;

  2. A whole bubble (class of pupils) is self-isolating because of a positive case of coronavirus;

  3. There is a national lockdown and schools are shut to the majority of pupils


Our plan complies with the expectations and principles in the DfE document Guidance for Full Opening of Schools. Our Blended learning Policy aims to clarify the implementation of Remote and Blended  Learning at St Teresa’s, outlining our aims and objectives, explaining Health and Safety expectations and Safeguarding guidelines, and our determination to ensure our children’s needs are met as far as we possibly can during this difficult time.


Parents and Carers will receive frequent updates when any guidance changes or when the government announces any significant developments.


Please be mindful of the following to help us limit the spread of Covid 19 in our community

  • If you have any concerns or anxieties about what is happening in school, please contact the school in the first instance. The DfE guidance is generalised and you will need to understand how our school has interpreted this in response to our setting.
  • There are a number of guidance documents for parents on the DfE (Department for Education) website which may help you to understand headline information.
  • Please inform school as soon as you receive a test result, use the contact us button on our website for out of office and weekend communication. 
  • Parents should be aware that as a school we cannot share the personal details of confirmed cases within the school community.
  • If your child is sent home to isolate from school this also means they have to isolate from all other activities, events, occasions.
  • All children with confirmed Covid 19 must not return to school; failure to self-isolate in line with national guidance can lead to a fine of £1000 being imposed
  • If your child is entitled to FSM, they will receive a lunch if attending school or a voucher when learning from home.
  • Please be a role model for your children in terms of keeping socially distanced from others when collecting/dropping off your child.
  • Be prepared to have to collect your child from school during each school day as the requirement to isolate can occur at any time; have a back-up plan if you will be in work.
  • The completion of remote learning is not optional. As a family you need to be prepared for a child to learn at home. They will need a quiet space to work? They may need access to equipment – pens / paper / access to IT. If you are struggling with any aspect of this, please contact school.
  • In the event of pupils being required to self-isolate, parents are responsible for securing the safe care of their children. Please consider the plans you have to ensure there is an adult at home during the day in this event as there will be limited notification.
  • It is widely recognised that children cannot socially distance in schools – please be aware that it is the staff who have to socially distance from each other and pupils.  Schools are securing safe distancing through consistent seating plans, reduced contact between groups, staggered starts and managed break times.
  • It is important that young people continue to follow social distancing guidance when out of school and do not congregate in groups or disregard the 2 metre rule.
  • Check the school website, school Facebook page, emails and the school APP for the most up to date information.
  • Consider the impact of possible quarantine on your child's attendance before booking overseas travel.


Letter for parents about COVID-19 symptoms

Public Health England have produced a letter for schools to distribute to parents which explains when a person requires a coronavirus test and what the symptoms of coronavirus are. The Department have asked school to share and circulate this letter amongst parents at our school.

The intention of the letter is to help prevent children being taken out of school unnecessarily and answer some of the questions parents may have around testing.

You can view the letter here




COVID-19 absence - a quick guide

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Let's talk about Coronavirus - advice and support for families' well-being PLEASE READ

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Children and young people’s primary mental health care message, resources and information in support of COVID-19

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