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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

from smallest to greatest

Autumn 2

Burps, Bottoms and Bile


Wow! What an interesting topic! The children have loved learning all about the digestive system and the science behind how our food goes in one end and out of the other!


The children created some brilliant art work to reflect this along with writing some great stories explaining the journey food takes in each part of the digestion process. Using computers, they have used Powerpoint software to produce their own flow charts, analysing the stages of the digestion process.

The children have also explored healthy eating and have considered the meaning of a balanced diet. They have had the opportunity to prepare some healthy dishes, using a range of equipment and tools.


Our class read this half term has been Demon Dentist by David Williams which has fitted in perfectly as in science we have been looking at teeth in humans and animals. We were visited by a school nurse who reminded us how to look after our teeth and keep them healthy.



Our RE topic this half term has been ‘Trust in God’ and we have been learning about how Jesus teaches us to have faith and trust in him. We played some great trust games in class which really made us think about how it is difficult at times to trust people. We explored how Joseph put his trust in God when the angel appeared to him with the good news that Mary was going to have a baby. We then looked at how God fulfilled his promise to Mary when Jesus was born. During this half term we all took part in our Nativity at the church hall. 


It was a very busy, but brilliant half term - have a look at our photos below!