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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

from smallest to greatest

Autumn 2

PE with Mrs Garrett

Autumn science crafts

Making firework pictures by flicking and blowing paint

Getting Guy Fawkes' gunpowder into Parliament

Mixing colours and printing fireworks

Domino Maths calculations

Rocket firework pictures with 2D shapes

Snacks at Spooky Disco

Playdoh Fireworks

Finding fact families

Jesus said "Let the children come"

Helping our friends with their phonics

Directing the bee-bot around the London landmarks.

Bar models using Multi-link to help with number bonds

Peg boards and elastic board motor skills

Collaborative Poppy Art

Colour by number- Remembrance Day

Making and decorating poppies

Purple Poppies to remind us of the animals that died in the war

Mixing the primary colours red and yellow to make orange of different tones

Reading games with a partner

Paper chain number bonds

Stretching the elastic bands on the Geoboards

Making models of London landmarks

Countries in the United Kingdom

Painting Great Fire of London pictures

Using real artifacts

Making our own subtraction maths problems

Riley-Jay wrote the numbers to 119! Well done Riley!

What might the Queen be doing in London?

We made a card for Queen Elizabeth and wrote questions we'd like to ask the queen.


Painting on bread Christmas pictures (with milk and food colouring NOT paint)