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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

from smallest to greatest

Autumn 1 Term

Jolly Postman


We are going to begin looking at the story of ‘The Jolly Postman’.


We are going to accompany the Jolly Postman on his rounds as he delivers post to classic children's characters, all of which happily live within his delivery round. We will meet the Three Bears, Cinderella (now happily married to her Prince Charming), Goldilocks and many more. The real magic in this book lies in the inclusion of actual and highly personalised post for each character--each tucked into a neat envelope between the pages of the book. We are going to enjoy Goldilocks' "Sorry" letter to the Three Bears, a Postcard to the Giant from Jack and, most amusing of all, the writ issued to the Big Bad Wolf (still occupying Grandma's cottage) by lawyers acting on behalf of both Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs. We can’t wait!


We have been learning about CAPITAL LETTERS (UPPER CASE) and lower case letters in writing our names and addresses.


Here Kasey-Lee has been trying to write her imaginary characters name and address. Can you see the characters name, house number, street name, town and postcode?

Funky Fingers


To help develop our fine motor skills and handwriting each day we are taking part in Funky Finger activities. These are a selection of fun activities which help us develop fine control and will hopefully lead us to having neater, well formed handwriting.
Perhaps you could do some of these things at home?

Working with our new sports coach Matt from Fylde AFC

What is the number?


In our Maths work we are looking at representing a number. Here we have used Base 10 apparatus and Numicon.

Can you work out what numbers we have made?

Writing instructions for decorating the biscuits

Representing numbers and Tallys

Sorting healthy and not healthy foods on No Pens Day

Who is my Mummy? Science sorting activity

Making graphs of Little Red Riding Hood's Grandma's favourite healthy foods

Painting Little Red Riding Hood

Bat and ball and skipping fun in PE

Fire Fighters visit Y2

St George's Avenue Traffic Survey