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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

from smallest to greatest

Autumn 1


What a first half term to Year 4! During this topic the children have spent lots of time taking part in lots of exciting activities linking very closely with Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by J.K Rowling. Year 4 have gone Harry Potter mad!


Some of the activities the children have taken part in is designing their own potion bottles and then creating them out of clay, exploring solids, liquids and gases practically by melting chocolate and even making Oobleck!

Within our writing the children wrote magnificent acceptance letters to Hogwarts, character and setting descriptions, play scripts and author fact files on J.K Rowling. The children also wrote some very clear and concise instructions explaining to wizards how to make chocolate crispy cakes without using magic.

We have also been on a school trip to Millfield High School where went to the science labs and took part in lots of very interesting potion experiments! We had to be very careful and wear protective goggles!



Our topic this half term in RE has been  ‘God’s People’ and we  have been learning about ordinary people who do extraordinary things, such as Oscar Romero, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King. 


Have a look at the photos below of our first half term!