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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

from smallest to greatest

Autumn 1

Pictures of our family using Ict

Worship- We gave a cake to someone who would not normally receive one.

Sorting objects

Lego building- Building towns

Phonics films during milk and fruit time

Using the stampers to practice our capital letters recognition and writing

Ready for PE

Warm up- playing the bean game

Jumping in and out of the hoops- have you got your 3 banana landing?

Throwing the bean bag into the hoops

Launching bean bags using our core muscles

Donating books to give away to the 'Blackpool look for a book' on Facebook

Sorting and grouping

Independent Maths working during choosing time

When posing for a photo turns into giggles

Independent Maths working during choosing time

Independent Geography working during choosing time- Our local area

Independent Phonics working during choosing time

We had fun watching the Mad Science show. I wonder if anyone will join the new After School Club?

PE with Mrs Garrett

Making sandwiches

Fred phonics to our teddies

Independent Maths during choosing time

God loves us! Who should we love?

History- playing activities and games that are still popular now and were when our parents were young!

God loves us to pieces ! We reflected on things we do and that God still loves us no matter what!

Dance- moving like water, sun and beans.... Jack and the Beanstalk

Love for others and love for God

Play-doh i-e words

PE- climbing up the beanstalk

PE - Throwing and Catching

Our classroom 1.10.2019

<, > and = signs and more/less during Maths choosing time

Going up the beanstalk. We hope the children enjoyed climbing to the top and finding the giant!

Practicing our handwriting

Dance- the start of the Gingerbread Man (mixing the mixture, rolling and forming the Gingerbread man

Geography- looking at the different shops in Cleveleys

Trying different foods we bought from the fruit and vegetable shop- pepper, uncooked mushrooms, dates and banana chips

Trying dates for the story of Muhammad and the Date tree

We love music with Mrs Anderton- using of thinking voices and rhythms with the shakers

Matilda brought in something she found at the beach... What is it?

Comparing life now and in the past- Peepo

Autumn 1 Geography and History

Autumn 1 Science work