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St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

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Autumn 1

Autumn 1 2016/17




Throw it, catch it, roll it, bounce it! BOING, BOING, BOING! Up and down and side to side, can you catch the bouncing ball?

Can you bounce too? Jump like a horse, leap like a frog or kick like a kangaroo! How many bounces can you do?

Design a game, bouncy or otherwise! Then write instruction for someone else to play it. Are the instructions clear enough? Can the players follow them? Who will score the highest?

Then let’s create a Sporting Challenge Day for parents and carers… Can they hit it, roll it, win it?

Bubble Art

Bouncing bubbles

Making balls from different materials

Bouncing bubbles

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Science wk1

Classifying Animals

Test your knowledge on classifying vertebrates and meet some cool animals on the way as you view this awesome lesson for children by Mr. DeMaio. Here's how to play... 1. Listen and watch the outline of the character as it gives you hints. 2.

Classifying Animals: Part 2

Try classifying a few more vertebrates in another fun video by Mr. DeMaio!

Learning About Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Join Mr. DeMaio in this fun science lesson for children on vertebrates and invertebrates. You will meet two of Mr. DeMaio's friends, a strange iguana and a familiar crab, as you discover cool facts and information about these two animal groups. Made Using: Yakit! Kids

Singing 'Doggy doggy'

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Using out 'thinking voices' and our singing voice

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Joining our writing to practise our spellings

Y2 keeping our teeth clean

Identifying the sound buttons in words


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Sophie brought in her huge Tigger

Tigger-tastic fun!

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Looking at the food packet labels for amount of carbohydrates, fats and vitamins

Our class mobile

Finding fiction and non fiction books

Balances and rolls

Gurleeen has confidence to sing on her own

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Researching about our skeletons

Making models of our hand bones

Gymnastic jumps

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Comparing numbers and ordering numbers on No Pens Day

Handwriting on each others backs on No Pens Day

Learning our spellings through chalking on No Pens Day

Spanish Raps

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Spanish rap 2

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Spanish Rap 3

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Class Liturgy 6.10.2016

Elm class liturgy with Fr Chris

Year 2 firefighter visitors

Making bouncing balls

Posing as gymnasts

Gym jumping

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Reading musical notation

Gym balances

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Making up our own games

Planning our instructions for our games

Measuring the ball travelling

Reading comprehensions

Investigating the effect of different materials of a ball travelling

Disco dancing fun!

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Spooky ghost dancing

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Disco divas

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