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Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the School Council Meeting:

By Evie Sandiford Y6



School Council roles discussed and agreed chair, secretary etc. voted. See S C notice board.

Discussed suggestion boxes, agreed to be in all classes.  S C members to explain what they are used for.

Organised Wear It Beat It day for British Heart Foundation to be on 5.2.16.



Suggestion boxes decorated now in each class.

Wear It Beat It flags made, posters decorated.  Talk in assembly about it and remind everybody.

Display board up to date with photos of S C members and minutes of meeting.

Mr. Minns (Yr1/Yr2 Elm has offered to make a mural with the help of children by using used bottle tops to give them a new lease of life.  S C to ask classes and decide final details.



Wear It Beat It day a huge success everybody wore red and brought their donations in.

Worry boxes discussed, explained use and why they are needed.  Two responsible Yr5 and 6’s to help younger children.

Designs to be voted on, children to decide.

More games wanted for lunch time.

Idea by Charlotte yr5 to be put forward to Mrs. Ankers.  Whiteboard on each side of MUGA with teams for sports so people don’t forget.



Worry boxes still only in 2 classes, need to be finished ASAP.

Designs for bottle top mural: All classes to vote.

S C surgery to be held at lunch times.

All S C members to inform classes about what is going on after S C meeting.

Thank you from Evie (chair) to S C members for all their hard work.



Pictures still to be sent around for bottle tops.

Due to new lunch-time arrangements surgeries not held.  To be held during this week.

Action has been taken on suggestion from 8.2.16 for more games at lunch time.

Vacancy for year five S C member as Saffron has left St. Teresas.  Votes to be held in yr5/Beech class.



Worry boxes handed out and in all classes.

Bottle tops Evide to go around classes and do the votes.

Surgeries held at lunch time all suggestions to be put together.

New S C member elected for yr5.  Chair (Evie) welcomed Josie to S C.

Discussed possible Captains Table for lunch times.  Children who are given lunch-time award to sit at table.  S C members to ask about what should be on the table e.g. flowers, juice, crisps.



Worry boxes being used in classes.  Teachers help to solve issues.

Bottle tops not yet taken around classes. S C members to do vote in assembly (Evie, Presley, Ben).

Balls from roof collected.

Captains table not talked about yet.  To be talked about in assembly.

Folders for suggestions handed out.

Elloise and Millie to order suggestions, e.g. lunch time, classroom, outside area.

Anti-bullying ambassador training to take place in June, yr3, yr4, yr5

Photos of Josie for S C notice board.

School mascot to be discussed next meeting. (25.4.16).

Progress board shown and agreed.  Josie and Liam to update after each meeting.



Bottle tops mural voted on and chosen one is:

Handed to Mr. Minns for completion.

Captains table spoken about in assembly.  (See list) Mrs. Gradwell to speak to lunch time team and Mrs. Ankers.

Suggestion folders completed and started to be used.  To meet with Mrs. Ankers.

Anti-bullying ambassador  still to be discussed in classes.

Josie photo not taken yet.

Progress board updated with all projects.



School mascot still to be discussed in classes.

Eco warrior team asked if they could come to S C meeting.  All agreed.  Mrs. Hilton informed.



Captains table yet to be sorted, Millie and Josie to meet with Mrs. Ankers ASAP.

Suggestion folders Millie, Elloise and Daniella to meet with Mrs. Ankers.

Anti-bullying ambassadors to be chosen by Mrs. Gooch.  Training to be held in June.

Photo of Josie taken and now on notice board.

School mascot, yet to be spoken about in classes, S C member to talk about in class ASAP.

S C members did interviews for teachers and asked questions.  All S C members enjoyed being a part of it.



S C members brought children knowing what the S C is for.  All agreed that it is for children to have their voices heard in school.  Decided that we should have an S C handbook.  Discussed at next meeting.

Wood for bottle top mural ordered by Carrick and Bella (Elm class S C).

How long should we be on the S C for? S C members agreed that it should be January – January.

All about me cards for website.  To be completed at next meeting.



All about me cards completed and to be put on website by Mrs. Daly.

Captains table, suggestion folders and school mascot still to be discussed with Mrs. Ankers.  As we have had a very busy half-term.

S C handbook discussed, agreed to be main purpose of next meeting.

Website to be updated with S C information.  Evie and Daniella to write up and hand to Mrs. Daly.

Congratulations to Mr. Aaron for the birth of his first born child Otis Matte William Aaron.

We have had the consecutive meetings because of school holidays.  Half-term holidays, yr6 PGL (13.6.16) 20.6.15 yr5 at St. Marys on taster day. All agreed that next meeting to be held on 27th June 2016.  Meeting to be held in staff room from now on with refreshments.