Open Day for New Starters September 2019 at 10am Saturday 3rd November

St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

from smallest to greatest

July 2016

7th July 2016 - Minutes and Actions:


Attendees – Sara Southworth, Sarah Oxley, Luke Minns, Naomi Stiles, Amy Murphy, Rebecca Connor, Sarah Wardle, Sarah Tarbuck, Anna Beaumont, Nicola Darlington, Caroline Swift, Karen Moulding

Apologies – Emma Hogarth

Minutes from Meeting

  1. It was suggested that children who won the half termly writing awards could have their picture in the weekly bulletin and published on the website on relevant class pages.
  2. Parents would like a maths workshop to help them to support their child at home. It was discussed that Reception and Year 1 class would have a workshop together, and Years 2 and 3 would combine together for their workshop. Date and times will be organised in the Autumn Term.
  3. The phonic screening meeting was well attended and parents felt that it was useful in helping them to support their child in the build up to the assessment.
  4. The year 2 SATs meeting was also well attended and again, parents found it useful in helping them to support their child at home.
  5. As a follow up to the meeting in March where homework was discussed, the new draft Homework Policy was presented during the meeting for parent’s response. It was generally well received, with one or two amendments eg how frequently learning logs would be set, could the school’s marking policy codes be stuck at the front of the child’s homework learning log book to inform parents of what marking meant eg VF for verbal feedback. Parents were also concern about RMeasimaths and how frequently the children should be spending on it. It was felt that it was something that they often forgot about and maybe this could also form part of the learning log as a reminder. Parents would also like the date given and received be added to the curriculum newsletter so that parents know when to expect the homework and when it needs to be handed in.
  6. In September there will be a Captain’s table at lunch time, where the children who receive the Star Manners Award will eat their lunch, along with a member of staff. Each week the member of staff will change.
  7. There was some concern over tickets for sale for discos as some parents who drop their child off at breakfast club or who attend after school club were not around to buy tickets. Extended services are more than happy to hold tickets and sell them to parents.
  8. With a view to Years 2 and 3 being mixed next year it was proposed that Rec, Years 1,2,3 come together for their Parent  Forum and Year 4,5,6 hold a separate Parent Forum. This will be confirmed in the Autumn Term.



  1. Parents were confused as to what time Year2 /3 would finish next term. The time will be 3.15pm.
  2. Parents wanted to know if all children in Year 3 would have lockers due to mixed classes. All children from Year 1 upwards will be having lockers as of September.
  3. Parents asked if there could be information on the website about the parent forum to inform other parents of what is was about, and maybe encourage more parents to join. Parent forum minutes will also be emailed out to all parents in the relevant year groups.
  4. There were issues raised about some children never receiving an award during the Friday Achievement Assembly. Staff to be aware of this and ensure that achievements are fairly awarded.
  5. Parents were a little confused over new text messaging service and whether they could reply or not. In the Autumn Term, information will go out regarding the text messaging service and how it works.


Date of next meeting  Thursday October 20th 2016 – rescheduled for Thursday 24th November at 6pm.